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Registered Construction Details – helping the industry to get it right on site

Registered Construction Details are a set of thermal details designed to minimise heat loss through weak points in the building envelope. This is vital to the performance of the building. 

What are they?

The Details are the first to offer specifiers, designers, SAP assessors, builders and building control teams a combination of specific detail, good practice and points to watch, together with BR497 modelled Psi-values (explanation of Psi-value - SAP software uses Psi (Ψ) values (W/mK) to calculate a Y value (W/m2K) for use in the SAP 2012 software calculator to account for the effect of none repeating thermal bridges at openings and junctions).

Registered Construction Details are developed by LABC in conjunction with industry partners, the Modern Masonry Alliance and Concrete Block Association, offer the ability to design out thermal bridging, assist the assessor in thermal modelling, guide the builder on site and ensure an effective inspection regime to prevent poor performing buildings and enshrine faith in Energy Performance Certificates.

How to search for Registered Construction Details

The Registered Construction Details are built around the conventions of Table K in SAP 2012 and correspond with the Zero Carbon Hub Builders book and associated guidance documents. They also correspond with the Modern Masonry Alliance Fire Detailing Guide to offer thermal and fire detail compliance.

If you know which detail you need:

  • Use the keyword search function to locate the Detail
  • ​If you type “zch” or “fire” into the keyword field this will bring up the Details associated with the documents above
  • Typing E1, E5 etc will take you to the corresponding junction details
  • Alternatively you can use the dropdown menu to find the junction detail you need depending on the type of construction envisaged for your project

NB It is important to be aware that an initial search for a detail, for example "E5" will bring up multiple details. Each has been independently calculated to derive the Psi values.

You can then use the filters to select your choice of internal leaf and reduce the number of relevant details.

Find a Registered Construction Detail

Importance of check sheets

The check sheet at the back of each detail is intended as an aide to compliance.

The designer will have completed this for their chosen design and specified the preferred products. This means that the assessor can then validate thermal compliance through SAP software and the builder will then be able to purchase the products needed and follow the detail to ensure correct installation.

Building control and the clerk of the works can then check and sign off the detail on site once installed and the assessor can provide an Energy Performance Certificate in confidence.

Further information

Psi values have been calculated by a person with suitable expertise and experience using the guidance set out in BR 497, Conventions for calculating linear thermal transmittance and temperature factors and BRE IP 1/06, Assessing the effects of thermal bridging at junctions and around openings. 

© LABC Registered Construction Details, the calculations, designs, drawings and descriptions are copyright and the intellectual property of LABC, the Modern Masonry Alliance and their developers. Customers are allowed to download and use them for project work during design, final plans, specification, energy assessments, SAP calculations and construction phases. They may be embedded in drawings and specifications etc. They may not be copied, reproduced in any medium, published or used for any other purpose other than building design or construction project work undertaken through the local authority building control network. LABC Registered Construction Details are available at no cost to customers of the local authority building control network.